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一、Product overview

  The English name of triethanolamine:Triethanolamine

  The Chinese alias of triethanolamine: 2,2',2'' Nineaminotriethanol; TEA

  CA S RN of triethanolamine: 102-71-6

  The EINECS number of triethanolamine: 203-049-8

  The molecular formula of triethanolamine: C6H15NO3

  The molecular weight of triethanolamine: 149.1882

  The flash point of triethanolamine: 193℃ (open cup), 179 (closed cup)

  The refractive index of triethanolamine: 1.489-1.485

  The viscosity of triethanolamine: 280mPa.s(35℃)15mPa.s(100℃)

  二、Product nature

  Triethanolamine is a colorless, viscous liquid at room temperature with a slight ammonia smell. Triethanolamine is easily soluble in water and ethanol. Acetone can corrode copper, aluminum and their alloys. Liquids and vapors corrode the skin and eyes. Triethanolamine can react with a variety of acids to form esters and amide salts. Melting point: 21.2°C and boiling point: 360°C. Triethanolamine has the properties of tertiary amines. It is less alkaline than ammonia and can absorb CO2 and H2S. Its aqueous solution is alkaline. Triethanolamine can react with inorganic or organic acids to form salts. Triethanolamine can also form fats with higher fatty acids. Triethanolamine can chelate with a variety of heavy metals to form 2-4 coordinated stable chelate, which is an excellent chelating agent.

  三、product use

  (1) Triethanolamine is used to prepare surfactants, cutting oils, and antifreeze. In the metal processing industry, triethanolamine can be used to prepare corrosion inhibitors to protect metal surfaces and prevent oxidation;

  (2) In the electroplating industry, triethanolamine can replace sodium cyanide, or use micro-cyanide electroplating, which is called micro-cyanide or non-cyanide non-toxic electroplating. The internal quality of the plated parts is completely comparable to that of cyanide plated parts;

  (3) The main raw material of cement grinding aids (approximately 15% of the total formulation of grinding aids per thousand), the addition of triethanolamine grinding aids can increase cement output by 10%-20%;

  (4)Add cement clinker directly to the grinding aid (approximately 1/10,000), ball mill after mixing, not only can increase the cement output, but also increase the fineness, improve the quality label, and reduce energy consumption;

  (5) Concrete water reducing agent raw material; concrete early strength agent raw material.

  Other uses

  (1) Detergent raw materials; beauty products raw materials; skin care products, cosmetics raw materials.

  (2) Triethanolamine is also a high-efficiency chelating agent that can chelate various heavy metals.

  (3) Triethanolamine is also a good solvent and hygroscopic agent, used in the textile industry.

  (4) Triethanolamine also acts as a neutralizer in cosmetics. It can neutralize CP-940 to achieve thickening and moisturizing effects.

  四、the packaging of triethanolamine: 220kg/iron drum, 232kg/iron drum.

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