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Detergent 6501

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一、Product overview

  The English name of cleaning lotion 6501: Amides, coco, N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl)

  The Chinese alias of  detergent 6501: coconut oil acid diethanolamide; coconut oil diethanolamide, Ninal 6501

  CAS RN of detergent 6501: 68603-42-9;61791-31-9

  EINECS number of detergent 6501: 271-657-0;263-163-9

  The molecular formula of  detergent 6501: C13H13Cl8NO4

  detergent 6501 molecular weight: 530.87062

  Cleaning lotion 6501 Appearance: light yellow or amber viscous liquid.

  Cleaning lotion 6501 free amine%: 25-30

  Cleaning lotion 6501 acid value KOHmg/G: ≤6

  The PH value of  detergent 6501 (1% aqueous solution): 9-10.7

  Color (HPHA): ≤400

  二、Product performance

  1、Detergent 6501 is a light yellow viscous liquid (paste) at room temperature, which can dissolve in water and greatly reduce the surface tension of water, thereby presenting good wetting. Detergent 6501 has foaming, stable foam, Emulsification, penetration decontamination, resistance to hard water, etc.;

  2、6501 is a non-ionic surfactant, resistant to hard water, rich and stable foam, thickened by adding water, detergent 6501 has strong detergency, non-toxic, does not damage the skin, and keeps the fabric soft. It can be used as a cleaning agent for food and tableware. And fabric cleaning agent, chemical fiber spinning oil, detergent 6501 are ideal raw materials for liquid washing.

  2、the chemical composition of 6501 has an amide compound structure. The 6501 aqueous solution has a good corrosion inhibition ability for metals. The detergent 6501 can be used in the production of various metal cleaning, grinding, and anti-rust materials;

  3、In this product, the free amine is low, the effective ingredient is high, the color is light, and the foam is rich. The detergent 6501 can be used as a non-ionic surfactant component in the liquid detergent formulations for makeup, shampoo, and skin washing.

  三、product use

  1.Detergent 6501 can be used as an emulsion stabilizer for cream products, and is widely used in shoe polish, printing ink, drawing supplies, etc.

  2.In the textile printing and dyeing industry, detergent 6501 is used as a detergent for fabrics, as well as ingredients and thickeners for other detergents. Detergent 6501 is one of the components of synthetic fiber spinning finishes such as polypropylene.

  3.Diethanolamide is an alkanolamide, which can be used to prepare metal anti-rust detergents and paint strippers.

  4.This product has a good thickening effect on liquid products with anionic surfactants as the main raw material.

  5.This product has a certain anti-static conditioning effect and is less irritating to the skin.

  6.As an emulsifier for oily raw materials, detergent 6501 is widely used in various cosmetics and surfactant products.

  7.Detergent 6501 has good foaming and foam stabilizing properties. It is widely used as a product foam modifier in the foam stabilization of detergents.

  四、Packing of detergent 6501: 200kg/iron drum

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