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Metal hardware paint remover industrial cleaning agent

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一、Features and uses:

  This product is an environmentally friendly solvent with good cleaning effect and harmless to the human body. It is suitable for removing (scrubbing) paint on various metal surfaces. After cleaning, the metal surface is bright, does not change color, does not corrode, and has no adverse reactions.
   (1)Immersion type: soak all the workpieces that need to be stripped in paint stripping for 2 to 3 minutes. The old paint film will swell strongly, swell up, and then all will fall off. After taking it out, use high-pressure water to remove the remaining paint flakes on the surface of the workpiece. Just wash it off with clean water.
   (2)Brushing method: For large workpieces, use a brush or cotton yarn to apply the paint remover to the painted part. For thick workpieces, it can be repeatedly painted 2 to 3 times until the paint film falls off. The cleaning process is the same as the immersion type.
   (3)When soaking, put the agent in an anticorrosive container, add appropriate amount of water to seal the agent and volatilize. Due to the different processing time of different resins, directly apply to the surface of the paint film when brushing, the paint film will gradually bulge and fall off.

   1、If you accidentally splash this product on your clothes or eyes when using this product, you can rinse it with clean water immediately.
   2、Please use a special bottle (green tea bottle) when repacking, because this product is a chemical product and is volatile, so don't pack it too full, up to 2/3.
3、Avoid exposure to the sun

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l         Acidic solvent type, strong paint removal, fast speed, room temperature paint removal,

l         Comply with ROHS directive and have little harm to human body;

l         Completely non-corrosive to the substrate, no color after stripping

l         Especially for liquid paint film, it has excellent paint stripping ability

l         proportion:1.15±0.05g/ml;pH:1-3

Soaking, spraying, brushing to remove paint

Except for rusty metals (cast iron, pig iron, etc.) any metal surface liquid paint film stripping



Paint remover

²        Acidic solvent type, a new paint remover compounded by a variety of compound acids, environmentally friendly solvents, compatibilizers, corrosion inhibitors, and penetrants

²        Can quickly remove the liquid paint film, powder paint film, baking varnish and other paint films on the surface of the workpiece

²        Small smell, environmental protection, strong paint removal ability

²        No corrosion or discoloration to the substrate

²        Environmental protection, compliant with ROHS directive, EU test

²        Most suitable for removing imported powder paint

²        proportion:1.25±0.05g/ml;pH:2-3

Soaking, spraying, brushing and removing paint at room temperature

Except for rust-prone metals (cast iron, pig iron, etc.), any metal surface liquid paint film stripping, and imported powder paint film stripping and peeling


Paint remover

ü         Neutral solvent type, composed of a variety of environmentally friendly new fast penetrating solvents

ü         Small smell, environmental protection, strong paint stripping ability

ü         Comply with ROHS directive, EU, EPR test

ü         The biggest feature is that it has no corrosion and discoloration to any metal and little corrosion to the skin, and it can directly contact the original liquid.

Soaking, spraying, ultrasonic and paint stripping

Some plastic products, all black and non-ferrous metal products have surface depainting


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