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         Survive on a desert island like Robinson, join a real-life simulation war like General Mao Zedong and Patton, and enjoy real warfare! Embody teamwork! The success of a team depends on having a strong sense of honor, a sense of responsibility, and the courage to take responsibility and defeat yourself. People who are good at cooperation and win-win.

       The basketball game not only enriched the leisure life of the employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to participate in sports. Let every employee who loves sports reignite the passion of sports. The game achieved the expected results, and at the same time, with the unique charm of basketball, it also showed us the vigorous and youthful atmosphere of the Haoke employees. The company will continue to enrich the cultural and sports life of the employees, and from the perspective of promoting the physical and mental health of the employees, more and better organize a variety of cultural and sports activities, enrich the company's corporate culture, and promote the rapid and rapid development of Hoko.

   In order to enhance the team consciousness of employees, reflect the company's humanized management, and let employees relax after work and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, the company regularly organizes tourism activities to make employees relax and cultivate after busy work. The sentiment is improved, thereby increasing the cohesion of the company's employees, fully demonstrating the company's team spirit, and allowing everyone to devote more enthusiasm to the future work.

        With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, people are increasingly aware that training, as an important way of corporate human capital investment, can create value for companies and help companies meet various new challenges. It is an important guarantee for corporate success. The importance of training is beyond doubt. Wise entrepreneurs have become more and more aware that training is a "human-based investment" that cannot be ignored in the development of enterprises, and is the fundamental way to improve the "hematopoietic function" of enterprises. Our company is no exception, and actively expands various training channels, such as establishing a cooperative training relationship with Beijing Yizhong Venture Technology Co., Ltd., using the company's multifunctional hall, conference room, projector and other hardware facilities, adopting audition technology, interactive discussion, and grouping Various teaching methods such as competitions increase employees' interest in learning and arouse their enthusiasm for training.

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