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Company culture


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Company culture

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Core culture
Corporate Vision: Create value for customers and become a model of sustainable development and environmentally friendly circular economy
Enterprise mission: keep the earth away from pollution, and let green into the homeland,
Entrepreneurial spirit: unity, pioneering and enterprising. Based on honesty, innovation and far-reaching.
Core values: comprehensive innovation, truth-seeking and pragmatic, people-oriented, building a green enterprise

Business culture
Business philosophy: to ensure stable products and continuous research and development of new products
Marketing Concept: Respect the customer and win the trust with honesty
Brand concept: Lead the market and serve the market with innovative products
Service concept: innovative breakthrough, stable quality, implement management, improve efficiency

Management culture
Management philosophy: people-oriented, scientific management
Team spirit: work together, unite and help each other to build a long-distance team
Talent concept: respect individuality and encourage innovation


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