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Product storage knowledge

Product storage knowledge


1、Do not eat, drink or smoke in the storage area, and stick no fireworks signs and obvious signs.
2、The warehouse or storage area shall be equipped with fire-fighting facilities, equipment for emergency treatment of drug leakage or protective clothing for emergency use.
3、Do not cut, grind, drill, weld or reuse empty containers in storage areas unless appropriate precautions can be taken against hazards.
4、Chemicals shall be stored in tightly closed containers, and the sealing inspection and validity period shall be checked regularly.
5、The storage place should be in a cool, dry, isolated, well ventilated area without sunlight, away from heat, ignition sources and incompatibilities.
6、Chemicals in the storage area shall be classified, separated and placed in different areas; Special attention shall be paid to the storage of strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizing, flammable and explosive substances in different areas.
7、Use grounded pipelines and equipment during transfer to reduce the possibility of ignition due to electrostatic sparks.

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