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     Zhongshan Haoke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a wholly-owned enterprise adopting American high-tech. It integrates R&D, management, production and sales. It has advanced production equipment, modern R&D laboratories, and high-precision testing. Instruments and excellent experimental conditions. Haoke Chemical has three wholly-owned subsidiaries in China and is one of the largest manufacturers in the industry.

      Haoke Chemical mainly produces cleaning agents for optical lenses, electronic precision products, precision hardware, electroplating products, golf, etc., as well as rust removal powder and cutting fluid for optical products and precision hardware. The organization is clear, the management is scientific, and it conforms to the internationally accepted business philosophy and model. The company has excellent quality management, application technology services and promotion teams, and has conducted extensive cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutes. In addition, it is also a teaching base for a school. Aiming at cutting-edge technology and market demand, the company improves product quality in accordance with national industrial policies, and further increases the development of green and environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of ecological optical products, precision electronic products and precision hardware.

      With excellent corporate culture and advanced business philosophy, Haoke Chemical has established a cooperation platform between the company and customers, employees and other companies, and pursues the spirit of "innovation, pragmatism, integrity, and service" and the development concept of "pursuing perfection and eternal progress" , And meet customer needs with independent import and export, extensive sales network and professional services. Haoke Chemical warmly welcomes domestic and foreign enterprises and friends to negotiate business, and are willing to work together to create greater glories.

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